Moving Your Business to Ireland?


This website is designed to give those who relocate their business to Ireland a chance of surviving the often very strange challenges they will face. Minefields are only really dangerous if you do not know where they are. This is an effort to show you where they are. If you are a large International company with a strong legal budget this website and its warnings will be less applicable to your organization. If however you are a small business and particularly if your business plan depends on IDA honouring its commitments and keeping its word then this site is essential reading.

This website is not designed to discourage you from relocating your business to Ireland. On the contrary Ireland is a fantastic place to live and work and we are envious of those who have the good fortune to be able to live and work there. This website is designed to help you survive.

IDA and the Irish Diaspora

The Irish government is currently targeting members of the overseas Irish business community with an all out charm offensive. The Willie Holt (Ireland) Ltd story below shows how IDA dealt with one overseas Irish family business. For a quick taste of what was done to this family business and what IDA are like try these files.

Note: It is illegal to use EU funds as an incentive to move a company from one EU country to another and to conspire to do so constitutes a criminal fraud. One way to cover up such a fraud would be to pretend that the project is indigenous and give it to the agency responsible for indigenous industries (Forbairt/Enterprise Ireland) ignoring the job losses in the other EU country. Would IDA use a member of the Irish Diaspora to do such a thing and if they did would they be so unscrupulous as to try to steal the money for a second time from them?

The Letter of Offer 1 The Letter of Offer 2

The Incentive Package that brought the company from England to Ireland



We are Irish "All Along"


Was the Incentive Package Illegally Financed?

What they said the company owed


Mr Tannem from IDA
explains the trap

IDA have nothing
to do with IDA!
IDA ethics in a nutshell!

Minister Batt O'Keefe
Minister Batt O'Keefe's
No mention of England??


These sample documents and the tape recording can be studied in context in the Willie Holt (Ireland) Ltd story below. If you are a member of the Irish Diaspora and you are considering moving your business to Ireland and your business is an SME it is absolutely vital that you study the Willie Holt (Ireland) Ltd story and listen to the tape recordings included in this story to get a feel for what it is like should you get involved with these organisations.

The Irish Diaspora had a great deal to offer Ireland and can play an important role in helping the country recover from the property/tax scam catastrophe. However there is little point in asking them to take risks for Ireland if their efforts are to be wasted. It is our hope that this website will help to insure that that does not happen to you.

The Willie Holt story is a detective story, a “who done it.” As each chapter in this company’s story unfolds the reader will be asked to judge what was really going on and importantly the possible motive or motives for what is going on. Each chapter is followed with a poll where you can vote on the different interpretations of what was going on and/or enter your assessment of what was going on in the “comments” section included in each chapter. This exercise will, we feel, give you important insights into the working of the Irish State agencies and allow you to decide if you want to get involved with these organizations and the people they employ. We believe that had we completed such an exercise before we moved our factory to Ireland we would still be manufacturing in Ireland today.