EuroMart BVBA and The Gauselmann Group

We have had a billiards business in Belgium since 1986 called Euromart BVBA (since renamed Russell Leisure BVBA) and we became European agents for Holts in 1988 marketing their tables throughout North Western Europe both directly and using sub-agents. Our company quickly became Holts biggest customer buying almost everything they made. I became a director in Willie Holt (Burnley) Ltd in 1989.

By 1992, 97% of Holt’s production was purchased by our company for distribution in Germany and the Low Countries.

By now our most important agent was our German agent the Gauselmann Group, Europe’s largest leisure company. They had been agents for the world's largest snooker table manufacturing company Riley. After a bitter dispute with Riley (over the standard of Riley’s technical backup) they decided to end that relationship. They approached Euromart because we were successfully selling in their territory and had established a reputation for quality both among club owners and players. We had also established a strong reputation for after sales service and technical knowhow. This is always important but particularly so in Germany.

ADP Offices Germany
ADP Offices Germany
Gauselmann Group Kurzubersicht
Gauselmann Group Kurzubersicht

As we were selling well in Germany we did not want to relinquish the market completely to Gauselmann. So we decided to resurrect a table that they could sell exclusively. We would continue to market the normal Holt range in Germany.

The table used was a design that had an illustrious past. It was an important table for the company earlier in the century. They agreed to this arrangement.

The table was named the "Pendle Table" after Pendle Hill a famous Lancashire landmark. So Gauselmann began to sell this table on an exclusive basis.

Below a photograph of the Pendle table being manufactured in Willie Holt's Rosegrove factory in the early part of the century. The table was used in the world championships in the 1923.

ADP Offices Germany
Gauselmann Pendle
Gauselmann Pendle
Gauselmann Pendle2

Gauselmann were immediately our biggest agents taking more or less everything we could supply.

A very close working relationship was developed between ourselves, Gauselmann and Holts. Holt as manufacturer, Gauselmann taking care of sales, warehousing and deliveries and our own company EuroMart BVBA taking care of installation and after sales service. EuroMart had two vans on the road in Germany Monday to Friday supplying a top class service.

All three companies were benefiting from this setup and most importantly the end user was getting a world class product with a technically proficient, readily available after sales service.

The importance of this relationship is evidenced by the Holt representation at IMA trade show in Frankfurt in January 1991.

Left to right: Mr. Howard Managing Director Holt ~ Mr. Taylor Chairman Holt ~ Mr. Ward Marketing Director Holt ~ Mr. Reardon Public Relations Holt ~ Mr. Imke Marketing Gauselmann Stella ~ Mr. Russell European Director Holt.

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