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Nothing to do with IDA
Nothing to do with IDA
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So after talking to Forbairt since January 1996 we now hear in June 1997 from Forbairt's Mr. Sherry that in fact we should be talking to IDA. This the same IDA who brought us to Ireland but had not wanted to talk to us for 18 months. The Flann O'Brien fans will note that this IDA went on to clam that they had nothing to do with us as they are not the same IDA that did have something to do with us.

So why were we talking to Forbairt for all that time? Well if you accept "the Criminal Fraud Theory" then Holts had to be an indigenous Irish industry and IDA only deal with foreign companies. If Holts were, say, a British company and if our family business were, say, a Belgian company then we would be foreign and all the money they had gotten from EU funds would be embezzled as part of a criminal conspiracy and somebody or some persons could be charged with a criminal offence.

In any case I talked to Mr. Tannem on the 9th of June and we had the conversation on the mp3 on the top right.

If you are considering putting a business into an IDA factory listen to this tape first!

We had briefed him earlier about everything that had happened to us since we arrived in Ireland. I had a potential investor coming from Belgium and we had expected somebody sent by IDA to do a valuation that day, but they did not turn up.

So IDA are after the money. Is that all this sorry story is about? Money for IDA. You will note that this gentleman is not in any way surprised by our story. It is as if what happened to us is an everyday occurrence. He had no problem at all with the fact that his organization is acting like a shower of conmen. He makes it clear that going public would have consequences for us.

The reader will note from the two documents on the right that IDA denies that it has ever had dealings with our company. So if you have just listened to Mr. Tannem from IDA Ireland talking to me about the factory in June 1997 you must have been imagining things.

You will note that they did not require a business plan from us any more for the sale of the factory. They wanted the last years rent and the market value of the property. More money for IDA that is all. So the agencies who were saying we needed more investment for a year now wanted to take as much money as possible from the company. Is it not the case that since we arrived in that factory the agenda was money for IDA?


  • I stated on the tape that IDA had sent the contracts for the sale of the factory building to Ballyfermot subsequent to my warning Mr. O’Connor as to the nature of the Mentor. Further examination of our records has revealed that the contracts had already been sent by that stage.

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