Presenting Willie (Holt) Ireland Ltd II, The Sequel, The Scam.

2003-10-01 Willie (Holt) Ireland Ltd There is life after death

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that that would be the end of it but you underestimate the boys.

Our IDA Ireland experience had left us with a half built house in Ireland and a seriously damaged business at home in Belgium. So it was to take a number of years before we could finish our house in Ireland and extricate ourselves from the country and buy a new house at home in Belgium.

So in 2002 I was in Ireland working on the house and the postman arrived with the letter on the right. Since the factory was closed they brought such letters to me (Clonakilty postmen know everything). It was from Mr. Brian Quinlan a gentleman who knew full well that Willie (Holt) Ireland Ltd no longer existed. He had after all played an important role in its destruction. This type of letter is sent each year so that the Irish State agencies can create an excuse for their existence. It would seem that they had been counting the ghosts of Willie Holt’s!

So there you have it, proof of life after death, at least for companies.

Further evidence of the supernatural arrived some years later in 2005. I was in Ireland again working on our house when the Clonakilty Postman arrived with another letter. I read the letter and decided to call Dr Mahony to find out what it was about.

2005-05-05 Willie (Holt) Ireland Ltd II The Sequel The Tax Scam

So what was it about? Well after they destroyed the business there was now no company, no designs, no innovation, no products, no exports, no market, but there was a nice catalogue.

A very nice catalogue!

So the Irish State Agencies had approved a BES scam based on the catalog of Willie Holts

So if you accept "the Criminal Fraud Theory" they could no longer use Holts to embezzle EU funds but was there another "little business", another little "side line", another "nice little earner", the BES scam?

Sure who needs a factory when you’ve got a good scam?

Billiard table manufacturing equipment in a field in Clonakilty.

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