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If you have had an experience of dealing with Irish state agencies such as IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland and you feel that your experience can help other businesses survive then you can add your story to this website. This website is hosted and protected in a way to insure that you enjoy your right to free speech but we do insist that all material published on this site be truthful and we may require you to corroborate any material submitted. Please read our disclaimer and other legal notices so that you can best understand our publishing policy.

Please be constructive as it is our intention to help, protect and inform small companies relocating to Ireland not to dissuade them from relocating to a country, which to spite everything, is a very good place to do business and a very good place to be .

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Some of these agencies have changed their identity over the years so for example the Industrial Development Agency (IDA IRELAND) has been known to claim that it is not responsible for agreements with the Industrial Development Authority (IDA IRELAND). So you may have dealt with one or both of these manifestations of what you and most people would consider the same people.