Nothing to do with IDA

Since that time IDA had consistently denied that it has ever had any dealings with us.

At one point in 2006 they agreed to take a complaint but changed their minds again. If you accept "the Criminal Fraud Theory" then they have a very serious legal problem. If they admit that Willie Holts was a foreign company then some of their most senior people are guilty of involvement in criminal activity. So they continue to insist that the company was indigenous. As they do not deal with indigenous companies they did not deal with Holts. A legal edifice build of one lie on top of another. Should they admit that Holts was an IDA client the whole edifice comes tumbling down leaving the fraud exposed and the IDA people responsible for the fraud exposed.

The 25 jobs which were lost in Burnley were real jobs and the people who lost their jobs were real people as IDA well knows.

IDA also know that we are a Belgian family business with a 25 year old Belgian VAT number and that we were officially resident in Belgium paying Belgian income tax with 4 children in school throughout the years we had the factory in Ireland.

Nothing to do with IDA
you may put your complaint to IDA
Nothing to do with IDA

Enterprise Ireland says it has not acted in any way improperly

Forbairt/Enterprise Ireland says it has not acted in any way improperly . We have informed them of the facts but have always refused to complain to these people. This as we never had any agreement of any kind with them at any stage. Our agreements were all with IDA Ireland. That is the simple fact of the matter.

Their purpose was purely to reinforce the lie that Holts was an Irish indigenous project and therefore no criminal conspiracy to embezzle EU funds existed. We will never play ball with that lie.

We also brought the matter to the attention of Mr. Cornelius Long of what was then the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and he informed us that all IDA contracts are signed prior to relocation and that our problems arose because we were “impossible to deal with.”

We eventually managed to finish and sell our house in Clonakilty and bought one at home in Belgium. The Irish Revenue were there again and they took 60k off the top. Said it was a holiday home.

Some holiday, Some home... At the time the Irish Ambassador had us around to dinner and encouraged us to "do the right thing" our children were aged 15,13,8,6. It was four years later when we found out that everything we had been told by IDA in 1992 was a pack of lies and that we were now financially entrapped. It was another 18 months before we were finally released from this trap by IDA Ireland.
The children were then aged 21,19,14,12. We would like you to consider these numbers in the context of normal family life. We would ask you to consider the enormous impact these people had on us as a family.

But we were not the only victims. There was also the other families both in Burnley and in Clonakilty. They also had their lives changed. Were they not also victims of a dirty little game?

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